Job, Customer Experience Engineer, Menlo Park

Contact me if you or anyone you know can do this job.

The mission is to build user trust & engagement by acting as the voice of users, creating value-adding education and resources, swiftly providing reactive support, and focusing on user success by proactively planning for future needs. As the founding member of the Support Team, you’ll work cross-functionally to build systems and processes which scale our support operations. You’ll also own the day-to-day support of our customers, including fielding urgent requests and ensuring our international users receive swift responses during their workday

Support the building and development of support systems and processes, such as the implementation of a helpdesk and knowledge base.
Develop FAQs and guides for troubleshooting and user education.
Efficiently respond to tickets via helpdesk, phone, email, and chat.
Prioritize incoming service requests and incident reports based on SLAs and severity.
Lead the troubleshooting and investigation of service incidents (bugs) and requests.
Work cross-functionally with Customers, Product, and Engineering to ensure resolution of customer issues.
Manage the User Acceptance Testing process as part of our Customer Onboarding Process.
You consider yourself to be very technical and have working knowledge of software development processes and tools within a SaaS environment OR you have a strong desire to increase your technical know-how
Familiarity with IDPs, Sumo Logic, Datadog, Jira, Zendesk, APIs, and Mobile App Development.

Candidate, Certified Senior/Lead Security Engineer seeking Director/Manager-level role in Security, San Francisco

Please let me know if you or anyone you know may have the need for a Lead Security Engineer in the Bay Area, working in hacking, threat intel, cyber fraud, project management, leadership, etc. Candidate is looking to take the next step and enter a Director/Manager-level role in Security.

Job Title: Certified Senior/Lead Security Engineer
Available: 2 Weeks
Location: Bay Area
Work Authorization: US Citizen
Desired Salary: Current salary is $220k base with stock and bonuses
Senior Lead Security Engineer professional with over 20 years of hands-on experience in hacking, threat intelligence, digital forensics, cryptography, coding, designing / building secure network solutions, project management, threat and vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and cyber-crime analysis.
Architecting cloud / network security of our products and supporting web applications security infrastructures.
Providing deep technical assessment of global threat actors, techniques, tactics, malware artifacts in cyber threat intelligence.
Experience in site reliability, saas, cloud software and large-scale infrastructure.
Certifications: BlackHat Pen testing Kali Linux, BlackHat Security/Threat Intelligence, Security Data Analytics, RSA, SANS Threat Intelligence, Amazon Web Services Security Specialization (AWS).
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Physics.

Candidate, Sr. DevOps Engineer, 4 Years Experience, San Diego, CA

Candidate: DevOps Engineer with 4 years experience
Available: 2 Weeks
Location: San Diego, CA
Work Authorization: US Citizen
Experience: Currently building code as infrastructure for Azure cloud, deploying container technology using Docker and Kubernetes for orchestrate containers; Design Infrastructure using Amazon AWS EC2 Services; Consult migration of all existing PROD, DEV and Staging environments to AWS; Setup and configure S3, EBS, Cloud Formation templates AMI, Route 53, VPN, RDS, EL8; Setup and configure Hadoop – Cassandra Clusters and Automate configure management using Chef Enterprise Server; Setup Monitoring using ELK with Kafka and Zookeeper. San Diego State University and California State University.

Candidate, Web Performance Engineer/DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer – Kubernetes, The Bay Area

Candidate: Web Performance Engineer/DevOps/Site Reliability
Available: 1st week of October 2018
Location: San Jose, CA
Work Authorization: OPT (will need H1 transfer)
Salary: $130k+
Experience: Performs site reliability/performance engineering on cloud and kubernetes stack in current role. Experience in microservices based architecture in Java stack. GCP + GKE Monitoring & Performance experience. Monitoring issues and performing root cause analysis. Performance engineering of JVM based application experience. Capacity planning for enterprise application on cloud/on premise environment. Participating on go-no-go live decisions for major ecomm applications to production.

Job, Cloud/Information Security Engineer (AWS/SaaS) in Carlsbad or Menlo Park

Please see below a new job description I’m recruiting for in Carlsbad or Menlo Park, CA. We are looking for a security engineer to take point on managing day to day information security for the company and for their commercial SaaS application. Let me know if this is something you are interested in or know someone.

Plan, implement and upgrade security measures and controls
Protect digital files and information systems against unauthorized access, modification or destruction.
Maintain data and monitor security access
Conduct internal and external security audits
Manage network, intrusion detection and prevention systems
Analyze security breaches to determine their root cause
Recommend and install appropriate tools and countermeasures
Define, implement and maintain corporate security policies
Security awareness training
Coordinate security plans with outside vendors.
Implement a tools driven and highly automated approach to deliver our key security management processes by exploiting investment in existing tooling and / or identify new tooling (e.g. Chef, Splunk) .
Work closely with product and platform teams to engineer and implement cloud security controls with a focus on DevSecOps
Build security utilities and tools for internal use that enable you and your fellow Security Engineers to operate at high speed and wide scale.

Required Knowledge and Skills:
At least 3 years architecting and developing AWS- based applications solution design and development, security of access endpoints, data and infrastructure in cloud with strong EC2, IAM, KMS, HSM, S3, Cloudwatch and Cloud Trail knowledge.
Penetration testing of applications and infrastructure – a good way to find vulnerabilities before attackers do
Social engineering – given that humans are the weakest link in the security chain, an analyst’s expertise can help with awareness training
Vulnerability and risk assessment – important components of risk management
Security assessments of network infrastructure, hosts and applications – another element of risk management
Forensics – investigation and analysis of how and why a breach or other compromise occurred
Troubleshooting – the skill to recognize the cause of a problem
DLP, AV and anti-malware – an understanding of the tools used to protect the organization
TCP/IP, computer networking, routing and switching – an understanding of the fundamentals: the language, protocol and functioning of the internet
ISO27001 assessment – specifications for a framework of policies and procedures that include all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organization’s risk management
C, C++, C#, Java or PHP programming languages – you can’t analyze what you don’t understand
Cloud computing – the risks and benefits of using a vendor’s remote servers to store, manage and process an organization’s data
Linux operating systems…
The ability to work well independently or with a team
Capable of meeting deadlines and budgets
Strong oral, written, and presentation abilities – able to convey risk to all levels of the business, from C-level executives to operations and development teams;

Preferred Certifications:
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control
Certified Ethical Hacker
Global Information Assurance Certification
Vendor credentials offered by companies such as Microsoft and Cisco

You’ll do even better with:
Identity and access management (IAM) solutions – prevention of unauthorized access by internal or external staff
Endpoint protection technologies and techniques
Web application firewalls and intrusion prevention
Access control methodologies (MAC, DAC. RBAC)
IDS/IPS systems, SIEM tools and network scanners

Job, Senior Site Reliability Engineer (Kubernetes) in Carlsbad or Menlo Park

See job description below. Contact me if interested or have someone you’d like to refer.

Senior Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

As a Senior SRE, you will plan, design, and help to build and operate a cutting edge, cloud native FinTech SaaS application with an increasing number of users, features, business requirements, partners and new engineers. You will lead design, build, and delivery of software leveraging IaaS and PaaS to optimize the application infrastructure and to enhance the scalability, availability, and efficiency using tools including but not limited to AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka and Java based microservices.


Primary point of contact for developers, quality assurance and operations
Architectures and methods to configure, deploy and operate services
Production readiness review for service launch
Monitor and troubleshoot issues in the application stack
Design release management processes
Implement best practice workflows in an Agile environment
Provide application performance insights to development and product teams
Escalation support for operations staff to troubleshoot application stack issues
Demonstrate initiative in identifying best practices and proposing appropriate technologies to achieve organizational results.

Required Knowledge & Skills

Deep Docker and Kubernetes expertise (critical)
Experience operating a production cloud service
Hands-on knowledge of IaaS and PaaS, e.g., AWS (RDS, ElastiCache, SNS, SQS)
Understanding of CI/CD pipelines and related tools (GitHub, Jenkins or CircleCI, JFrog, etc.)
Automation experience
Knowledge of SaaS application design and architecture including real-time distributed web services
Understanding of availability, reliability, performance and scalability
Experience with agile development methodologies
Java or Scala development experience, e.g., microservices, WebSockets, RESTful APIs is a plus
Experience with reactive platforms, e.g., event streaming, Akka, Kafka, Lagom is a plus
Python or go programming knowledge is a plus
Secure coding and operational practices are a plus
Desire to work in a fast-paced dynamic environment

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