Who needs a Jr. Full Stack Java / Blockchain Developer in Irvine?

Candidate: Jr. Full Stack Java Developer with Blockchain Experience
Available: 2 Weeks
Location: Irvine, CA
Work Authorization: US Citizen
Blockchain Experience: Smart Contracts Solidity
Salary: $80k
Experience: 2 years Full Stack Java exp; 6 months+ blockchain development exp; Rewrote over 600 lines of Java and SQL code to fix 285 security vulnerabilities; Smart contract development for Ethereum wallets, voting systems and ERC-20 tokens; Truffle framework to build, test, and deploy web3 applications; Used AngularJS to create REST API services for the front end; Spring MVC and Java for backend REST APIs; Understanding of EVM, Ethereum Standards, Consensus and Oracles services, and dApp architecture; Back-end: Java EE, Spring MVC, Node.js, Oracle/ JDBC SQL, JSP, Python, PHP; Front-end: JavaScript (ES6+), TypeScript, AngularJS, Angular, HTML/CSS; Tech: UNIX Shell Scripts, Git, Continuous Integration; Degree in Computer Science.

RMBR Jobs | Position: Remote Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager




100% Remote

• 3+ years of experience in the financial industry.
• Stock trading experience and/or credentials highly preferred.
• Focused on research and analysis of stocks and can apply that experience directly to cryptocurrency.
• Understanding of crypto technology and is willing to learn.
• Understanding of financial regulations and accounting surrounding crypto/blockchain.

This is developing. Message me if interested or know someone.

Do you need a solidity smart contracts blockchain developer in Los Angeles?

Candidate: Solidity Smart Contracts Blockchain Developer
Available: August 2018
Location: Greater Los Angeles
Work Authorization: US Citizen
Blockchain Experience: Smart Contracts Development in Solidity
Hourly Rate: $125
Experience: Develop RESTful web services using Express.js and Sails.js framework; Configure and deploy applications on AWS and Zeit Now; Develop smart contracts using Solidity, Truffle, and web3; Use Ganache-cli for a local test node and geth in testnet mode; Experience with testing tools including Mocha and Chai; Develop front-end applications using Javascript and Angular; Experience with SQL database implementation using Sequel Pro and AWD RDS; Collaborate with developers using Git and Github; Technical Expertise: JavaScript, Angular 1.x, Angular 5, Redux, Node, Express, Sails, mongoDB, SQL, mySQL, Mocha, Chai; Bachelor’s in business management.

More employees quitting for better jobs, higher pay

For blockchain employers: Hire fast, offer security, equity and training for the long-term. Hiring a good candidate is easy, retaining them isn’t. What you compromise to gain, you lose ultimately. Make retention the #1 priority.

For blockchain candidates: Don’t chase the money, chase the opportunity. Only accept an offer with a company you can take long-term. Don’t be afraid to decline an offer you’re not comfortable with. Do your due diligence, read online reviews about the companies you’re interviewing with, make 100% certain it’s a long-term fit, culturally, environmentally, and otherwise. Make long-term the #1 priority.

RMBR of Las Vegas is the consulting firm of Rich Mbariket, a provider of enterprise blockchain recruitment solutions.

New Business Inquiries: rich.mbariket@blockchainrmbr.com

Enterprise Blockchain Software Sales

Lately, professional Sales Reps have been reaching out to me looking for enterprise blockchain software to sell and add to their portfolio. And I don’t mean ICOs. If you are an enterprise blockchain company looking for a dedicated sales team to sell your software solutions, let’s talk. You must have an attractive base salary and commission plan.

How I get blockchain clients on LinkedIn

Some swear by it but I have never landed a client through cold calling.

I tried, didn’t work for me, so I stopped.

Moreover, the fast talking, snake oil salesmanship just isn’t my style.

So how do I get my clients?


Through vintage direct response messages to CTOs, VPs, Directors, CEOs, Founders, Co-Founders, and other C-Suite executives in the blockchain space.

I send them a simple short message: “Hey, I own RMBR.io, a blockchain recruitment firm and I talk to blockchain developers everyday. If you have the need and want to know more, let me know. Thanks! Rich”

It may or may not work for you but it works wonders for me.

Let me know of any questions.

Development of blockchain analytical tools is an underserved area in the space

There’s no way to really measure anything. And no one is building business analytics applications on the blockchain.

This niche can be a goldmine of opportunity to make a mark.

Don’t worry about scaling, build something that solves a problem from an analytical and metrics standpoint.

RMBR is the consulting firm of Rich Mbariket, a provider of blockchain recruitment services.

New Business Inquiries: rich.mbariket@blockchainrmbr.com